About Us

Making Transitions

We identify great businesses and help them transition to the the next generation of ownership

Not Private Equity

We are not seeking a quick financial windfall.  Rather, we own and operate companies in which we can be personally involved.  Through people and long-term investment, we build and sustain great businesses, generating years of positive impact for customers, employees, communities and investors.

Committed to Ownership

Every successful business transaction depends on trust. We dedicate time to learning a business from its current owner and operator. Our goal is to carry forward the culture and values that will fuel its growth and prosperity.


James M. (Buddy) Robinson IV

Buddy has led transactions with hundreds of privately held companies over the course of his career.  In each case an owner, often the founder, trusted Buddy to create a future for the business and its employees.  He has helped legacy businesses find renewal and innovation, working in manufacturing, consumer products, industrial products, financial services, telecommunications, and retail.